Practice Facilitie

CRP – device that easily and rapidly evaluates if antibiotics should be prescribed as treatment

INR – device for monitoring blood coagulation in patients that use anticoagulants

ECG – with vacuum suction cups for greater patient comfort

LABGEO HC10 Hematology analyser – 18-parameter haematology analyser

LABGEO PT10 Chemistry analyser – CBC;Urea/Creat;AST/ALT/CGT/TBIL;Amylase;Chol;Gluc

Smart 700/340 analyser – facilitates assessment of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Audiometry – audiometry exam tests for hearing

Spirometry – pulmonary function tests (PFTs)

Visiosmart – tool for measuring and testing visual acuity, screening defects and disorders

ABPI MD device – screening tool for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease

TANITA INNERSCAN – Body Composition Monitor, Body Fat, BMI, Muscle Mass

LAURA – device used to examine urine

Microscope – primary instrument for the Live Blood Examination in the Darkfield

Oximeter – device used to track the concentration of oxygen in the blood

Glucometer – device used to establish the level of glucose in the blood

Laser thermometer – contact-free method of measuring body temperature

Holter monitor – device used to monitor blood pressure throughout the whole day




Medical Practitioner – Dr. Milica Živkovič


        1987 – graduation from the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, Serbia

from 1987 – general practitioner, Split, Croatia

from 1994 – first aid and private ambulance, Valjevo, Serbia

        2008 – Czech certification examination

from 2010 – private general medical practice, Sedlešovice


Nurse – Zachová Miloslava


        1986 – graduation from secondary nursing school, Znojmo

from 1986 – operating room nurse, Znojmo

from 1989 – nurse, ambulance of internal medicine, Znojmo

from 2015 – nurse, private general medical practice, Sedlešovice


Reception desk – Andrea Kožnarová


        1990 – graduation from secondary vocational school, Znojmo

from 1995 – self-employed, Znojmo

from 2009 – sales assistant, Znojmo

from 2016 – administrative assistant, private general medical practice, Sedlešovice



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